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About Carl

Carl Wilson moved to Grants Pass in 1957 and attended school from kindergarten through high school in the Grants Pass School District. He went on to serve our country in the United States Navy before mangaging and owning the family-run broadcast radio stations in our community. He has worked as a broadcaster and talk show host for four decades.

From 1998 to 2003, Carl served as State Representative for Grants Pass and Josephine County. During that time he stood up for jobs and small businesses, helped cut government waste, and made sure that the legislature gave rural Oregon the respect it deserves.

He and his wife Malinda have been married since the Summer of 1972. They have two grown children, J.L. and Lora, and five grandchildren. They attend River Valley Community Church and are active motorcyclists and RV'ers.

A Note from Carl...

Dear friends,

One of the common complaints about those running for office is that they are evasive about where they stand on the issues. I have served in the capacity of State Representative before and have a voting record that anyone is free to look up. That separates me from a number of candidates in that instead of telling you what I am going to do, I can show you what I did. As they say, “talk is cheap”, and it certainly can be. It was the goal of my three previous terms in the House, to stand for the U.S. Constitution and the Oregon Constitution. I took pleasure in fighting bureaucracy and protecting my constituents from the sometimes very heavy hand of government. There are many of you here who still remember that. If you elect me once again, I will continue that service to you, proudly.

  • I am a fiscal conservative (that's what it takes for my small business to survive)
  • I am a social conservative (ardently pro-life and pro-traditional marriage)
  • I am an unqualified supporter of the Second Amendment (and have taken the votes to prove it)
  • I believe in the education of our children, not the indoctrination of our children.
  • I believe in freedom of speech (my business has been boycotted because of that belief)
  • I believe in freedom of religion and the right to practice the same
  • I believe in the free press (no bureaucrats in newsrooms....not in my radio stations!)
  • I believe in freedom from government snooping
  • I believe that the federal government is out of control
  • I believe in timber harvesting and mining as an major part of the rural Oregon economy.

If I've left anything out, please send me an email!

Notice how many Articles and Amendments of the U.S. Constitution are addressed in the above list?

Thanks for being interested in your government and the political process. I know that it is easy to think about giving up right now. But, this is where we get going and show what we're made of.

Keep the faith,